Preparing for Reopening

We are in discussions with our clients every week about when reopening will happen in their areas. However, it was digging through old files and coming across an opening planning guide that got us thinking about the process. Many restaurants have been closed and many have continued with carryout and delivery. BUT no one is doing business as usual. What follows evolves from that old opening guide.

What we know (or think):

  • 30% of the workforce is gone and may never comeback
  • 20%+ of Restaurants will never reopen
  • Reopening is an X marks the spot date for most, but it is coming
  • 50% capacity at best early in the process
  • Masks and gloves
  • Sales are going to be lower than before Covid 19
    • Weekends which currently provide 58% of weekly sales (full service) should increase significantly as a % of weekly sales
    • Lunch sales slow to comeback (this excludes QSR)
    • Suburbs should be stronger initially
    • Banquet sales and catering are coming back 2021
    • If conventions and tourists drive the business, then 2021…..

What we need to do to prepare:

  • The first consideration is, “How much capital do I need to reopen?”(we can help)
  • Bringing back key management and employees
  • Opportunity for upgrading management & employees
  • Clean up menu sprawl
    • Reduce to your winners
    • Price smartly
  • Bar and wine program redo’s
    • Smaller amount of more focused wines
    • Classics 😊
  • Plating & Glassware
  • Take a hard look at your opening and closing times and days
    • Gradual process can help
    • Expand with the demand
  • Market, Market, Market just like you are new to town
  • Treating the reopening like a new opening
    • Train, Train & Train
    • Clean, Paint, Stain and Repair
    • Dry runs & small pre-opening tastings
    • Feed some healthcare workers
    • Rejoin your community

Lee Cohn and Wallace Hite are well positioned to help you plan the restart of your economic engines. We are fortunate to have Gregg Rapp, the menu engineer, Kathy Diamond Ulepic, ASID for design, Paul Fischer for marketing, Donald Chick for real estate, all available to assist in the process.

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