This is for the restaurant entrepreneur who has grown his or her brand or brands to 8-15 units.

This is your baby, and some of us have a difficult time taking meaningful feedback from employees because this was your idea and concept. The only way to continue to improve in our business is to listen to the front-line workers. Problem with that is will they give you honest feedback on what to improve. I created a round-table at each restaurant with anyone who would show up including dishwashers bus people servers, etc. first question I would ask is tell me what we can do to make your job easier, and what can we do better than what we are doing today.

Everyone looks around and no comment. In order to solicit feedback, I would ask them what you tell your significant other when you get home from a long day of work. I bet you let it all out with great ideas to make the restaurant better. All of a sudden everyone looseness up and ideas start flowing. I wanted our managers to tell me what they were going to do tomorrow that they did not do today to improve the operation. In our business you must be constantly tweaking the operation to make it better or you will not survive. As founders and creators, we sometimes let our egos get in the way from listening. As a small company it is imperative for the leader to meet with the people closest to the guest. You may have a regional who reports to you, but unless you get down to the level where it counts you are never going to hear the real truth. I am going to start posting stories of my 45-year history in the business and reveal all the mistakes and successes that will hopefully help the new entrepreneurs to avoid some of the mistakes and learn from the successes. It has been a fun ride with lots of great stories to share!
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Lee Cohn
Founder & President Big 4 Restaurants
Partner Reconstruction Partners